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About Henry Gray

My maternal grandfather Henry Gray was an avid reader. Born in Guntersville, Alabama, he lived his life as a farmer, carpenter, handyman, and jack-of-all-trades in rural Tennessee, raising a family of seven children. Grandpa Gray instilled a love of reading and writing in his children and grandchildren, so when my brothers and I started our publishing company, we  honored his memory by naming it after him.

AT RIGHT: Eighteen-year-old Henry Gray with Lilly Mae Camp, who soon became his bride. They eventually moved just north of the Alabama state line, in the area of Vann Town, Tennessee, and raised seven children.

Henry Gray and Lily Mae Gray Henry Gray Publishing
Henry Gray and Lily Mae Gray in rocking chairs Henry Gray Publishing

LEFT: Henry and Lilly Mae enjoying the shade in rocking chairs outside their home.

Our Story

In 2011, I created Henry Gray Publishing, and to date, we have published a variety of fiction and non-fiction books including

Billion Dollar Batman, The Last Stage, Veil of Seduction, The Understudy, and the popular Papa Rock's Word Search series. With your patronage, we expect to be publishing for many years to come, continuing to pass on our grandfather's enjoyment of fine books.

Meet The Team

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