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Wyatt Earp. The life he lived. The end he imagined.

Los Angeles, 1929.

Wyatt Earp - once a famed Western lawman, now mostly forgotten - lies dying in his small bungalow, with his Jewish wife, Josephine – whom he calls Sadie – by his side. He rallies for a moment and says, "Suppose... suppose..."

As his life ebbs away, he imagines an ending more befitting a man who was once known as “The lion of Tombstone.”

Within his dream, Wyatt is visited by the ghosts of his first wife Aurilla, his brother Morgan, and Doc Holliday - and has one last chance to redeem himself as a protector, avenger, and self-sacrificing hero, while making peace with the transgressions of his past.

As acclaimed Western author Courtney Joyner noted, “
The Last Stage is more than a Western tale well-told. It’s also more than a chronicle of the passing of the Old West as it was swallowed by the 20th century, or a simple eulogy for one of American history’s most iconic figures. It’s a love story that spans decades, and also a hell of an adventure."

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THE LAST STAGE by Bruce Scivally

SKU: ‎ 979-8986680590
  • PUBLICATION DATE:    December 16, 2022

    PAGES:                                226

    SIZE:                                     6" x 9" x 0.57"

    ISBN:                                   979-8986680590


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