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Morning Falls Asylum.



Many women have been sent there.


None have returned.


Until now...


1922. Lorelei Alba, a fiercely independent and ambitious woman, is determined to break into the male-dominated world of investigative journalism by doing the unimaginable: infiltrating the gothic hospital to which "troublesome" women are dispatched, never to be seen again.


Once there, she meets the darkly handsome and enigmatic Doctor Roman Dreugue, who claims to have found the cure to insanity. But Lorelei's instincts tell her something is very wrong, even as her curiosity pulls her deeper into Roman's intimate and isolated world of intrigue.


SKU: 9798986680576
  • PUBLICATION DATE:    November 18, 2022

    PAGES:                                334

    SIZE:                                     5.25" x 8" x 0.83"

    ISBN:                                   979-8986680576

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