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Papa Rock's Sci-Fi Movies Word Search - Links

There's a lot of classic War movies covered in Papa Rock's Sci-Fi Movies Word Search book - 150 of them, from 1902's A Trip to the Moon to 1989's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Some of these films you may have seen, others may be new to you. But you can refresh your memory of classic visions of invading aliens and future worlds.

1902 - 1949

Metropolis (1927) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Metropolis (1927) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Metropolis (1927) Trailer #1: Check out the trailer starring Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, and Gustav Fröhlich! Be the first to watch, comment, and share old trailers dropping @MovieclipsClassicTrailers. ► Buy or Rent on FandangoNOW: Watch more Classic Trailers: ► Classic Remade Films Playlist ► Classic Romantic Comedies Playlist ► Classic Time-Travel Films Playlist This influential German science-fiction film presents a highly stylized futuristic city where a beautiful and cultured utopia exists above a bleak underworld populated by mistreated workers. When the privileged youth Freder (Gustav Fröhlich) discovers the grim scene under the city, he becomes intent on helping the workers. He befriends the rebellious teacher Maria (Brigitte Helm), but this puts him at odds with his authoritative father, leading to greater conflict. Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: We're on SNAPCHAT: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: Welcome to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailer Vault Channel. Where trailers from the past, from recent to long ago, from a time before YouTube, can be enjoyed by all. We search near and far for original movie trailer from all decades. Feel free to send us your trailer requests and we will do our best to hunt it down.

1950 - 1959