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by Bruce Scivally


"The Last Stage, with poetic economy, gives us new insights into the life of Wyatt Earp while placing itself solidly among the very best of new Western fiction."

            - C. Courtney Joyner, author of the Shotgun series

                (Bushwacked: The John Bishop Shotgun Saga,

                These Violent Times, The Bleeding Ground)

Wyatt Earp.
The life he lived.
The death he imagined.

Western Romance

226 pages, 6" x 9"

Paperback                         Ebook

979-8-9866805-9-0            979-8-9866805-8-3

$17.95                               $5.95

Los Angeles, 1929.

Wyatt Earp - once a famed Western lawman, now mostly forgotten - lies dying in his small bungalow, with his Jewish wife, Josephine – whom he calls Sadie – by his side. He rallies for a moment and says, "Suppose... suppose..."

As his life ebbs away, he imagines an ending more befitting a man who was once known as “The lion of Tombstone.”

Within his dream, Wyatt is visited by the ghosts of his first wife Aurilla, his brother Morgan, and Doc Holliday - and has one last chance to redeem himself as a protector, avenger, and self-sacrificing hero, while making peace with the transgressions of his past.

As acclaimed Western author Courtney Joyner noted, “The Last Stage is more than a Western tale well-told. It’s also more than a chronicle of the passing of the Old West as it was swallowed by the 20th century, or a simple eulogy for one of American history’s most iconic figures. It’s a love story that spans decades, and also a hell of an adventure."

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about the author

Bruce Scivally is a lifelong lover of tales of the Old West, both on film and in print. Born in Plevna, Alabama, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, and then worked in numerous positions in the film industry before becoming a teacher of scriptwriting and video production in Chicago. Since returning to Los Angeles in 2017, he has written several award-winning screenplays.

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